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FAKUMA 2018: Moretto presents his concept of Efficiency 4.0

At Fakuma 2018, Moretto presents his concept of “Efficiency 4.0” exposing his advanced machinery and solutions for plastic processors.



At Fakuma 2018, Moretto presents his concept of “Efficiency 4.0” exposing his advanced machinery and solutions for plastic processors.

For Moretto, “Efficiency 4.0” means a plant made up of high technological machinery, connected and integrated with each other by a supervision system that guarantees total control of the process, the possibility to reduce energy consumption and to increase the final quality.

Nowadays injection, extrusion and PET processing are characterized by specific complexities and high levels of performance, in which production and energy efficiency play key roles. Moretto aims to support customers by providing low energy consumption machines, conceived with the criteria of Industry 4.0 and based on the respect for environmental needs.

Moretto’s goal, also declared by the new pay off Empowering Plastics (that means "infuse more power to plastic"), is to help the industry through know-how, service, innovation and high-precision machines.

At this year’s Fakuma exhibition, running 16-20 October in the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Centre in Germany, in his 230 square meters booth Moretto will be exhibiting a full range of products that satisfies the entire preparation process of the plastic material, from its storage in the silos until the injection-moulding machine. The range also includes technologies and machines, developed to guarantee adequate levels of dehumidification, granulation and dosage of the polymer.

Among the innovations presented at Fakuma 2018 there are:

- DPK, the new compact loss-in-weight dosing unit, suitable for intermittent or continuous dosing of small quantities of color or additives into a flow base material, which solves the problem of overdosing with an extremely precise control;

- three new types of maintenance hoppers, valid solutions for the containment of plastic granules on the processing machines;

- Mowis 3, the integrated self-configurable supervision system with intuitive object programming, developed by Moretto for the connection and control of the whole automation chain in plastics processing plants;

- The new series of chillers RC Mini, characterized by cooling capacities from 6.8 to 26.2 kW, are made of stainless steel, and are compact and practical machines easy to install in the department;

- RCV X COOLER, the new modular cooler that inherits the X MAX spirit of EUREKA as it develops into a concept of great efficiency (cooling power up to 900 Kw), modularity and easy expansion over time (up to 6 units).

At Fakuma Moretto will also showcase his revolutionary drying solutions, suitable both for complex such as multi hopper systems models (Eureka Plus, Flowmatik, Moisture Meter Manager, X Max) and for the dehumidification of small quantities of technical materials like X Comb and X Dry Air.

Come to visit our booth!

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