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Letters of Gratitude

Prized commendations from Russia


Two precious commendations have been received from two important Russian clients thanks to the completion of two particular turnkey installations.

A brand new department has been set up at the headquarters of Plastik, a pioneer company in the automotive branch, boasting 50 years' experience in the sector. 29 new presses have been implemented with the most revolutionary Moretto systems: DOLPHIN automatic sorting units and TE-KO temperature controllers for operation alongside integrated drying systems made up of the revolutionary OTX hopper and the X DRYER managed by the air control device Flowmatik, under the surveillance of the extraordinary supervision system MOWIS.

A plate is testimony to the reliability and expertise of Moretto S.p.A..

The acknowledgement bestowed by AKT of the Boryszew Group shows similar gratitude. This prominent enterprise operating in the automotive sector has chosen this acclaimed Italian partner to achieve excellent quality and innovation standards. 15 press machines of different sizes supported by the most modern technology (including products such as Flowmatik and chillers with integrated free coolers) have been integrated in a new establishment, set up in strict observance of the time frames and in line with the expected levels of efficiency and performance. Production has already started with the numerous advantages in process optimization and energy consumption.

The Moretto challenge continues.

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