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∑ureka Plus

In 2014 the evolution of ∑UREKA technology led to the PLUS system, featuring the innovative Moisture Meter

Thirteen years of studies have resulted in the most advanced drying system on the market, capable of reaching a reduction in consumption of up to 56%.


  • Multi-tower dryer with constant performance
  • Airflow self-regulation
  • Extreme modularity, expansion up to 10 units
  • Maintenance without any machine downtimes


  • Handling the process air distribution between individual hoppers and the dryer
  • Polymers protected from thermal stress
  • Automatic algorithm achieving energy savings of up to -55%


  • Exchanger where energy meets moisture
  • Geometry and fluid dynamics achieving close to 66% energy efficiency


A highly unique device, able to measure with absolute precision the final granule moisture up to 10 p.p.m. and to certify production.

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