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Feeding and Conveying Accessories

Quick connectors

Quick connectors are specifically designed for easy connection of flexible pipes to the equipment, ensuring airtight sealing thanks to the use of a techno-polymer gasket. The stainless steel version is dedicated to the optical and food industry and does not use gaskets.

Pipes and bends

Various solutions are available for the construction of centralized conveying systems to suit all needs. Pipes are ideally made of rolled austenitic and internally polished stainless steel.

  • Aluminium pipes
  • Stainless Steel pipes
  • Polished stainless steel 0.4 µ pipes
  • Soundproof pipes
  • Insulated pipes
  • Antiwear flexible hoses
  • Krystal pipes
  • Extraflex pipes

Plastic granule and powder conveying can be managed through bends with different bending radiuses. The antiwear version can handle up to 40% glass fibre loaded material with a 5-year guarantee.

  • Stainless steel 90° bends
  • Stainless steel 45° bends
  • Antiwear 90° bends
  • PYREX 90° bends

Quick collars

Collars and elastic arms used to fix rigid pipes in conveying systems obtained without crushing or deforming the pipe, to guarantee its durability. The elastic arm also enables thermal expansion of the pipelines without any risk of slippage.

TRILOCK® pipe coupling system

The risk of dust infiltration into conveying system pipe junctions is very high: the TRILOCK coupling system is the ideal solution to avoid this kind of contamination.TRILOCK is an exclusive Moretto product whoseunique shape with non-slip action has been designed to ensure perfect sealing. Patented model available in the following versions:


TRILOCK® pipe coupling system

Pipe connectors

A series of connectors made for pipe branches from the vacuum and material pipelines.

  • Tee branch connectors
  • Antiwear Tee branch connectors
  • "Y" anti-plug branch connectors
  • "Y" antiplug and antiwear branch connectors

Line cleaning valves

Line cleaning valves are necessary for emptying transport pipelines at the end of each cycle. Valves are available for high temperatures to convey materials up to 200 °C.

Antiwear combs for manual sorting units

The combs for manual sorting units are suitable for connecting multiple machines with the same material. Special attention has been paid to designing enlarged inserts to improve the granule glow and increase system performance.

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