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FIP Preview 2017

Discover all the latest Moretto’s innovations at the upcoming FIP in Lyon from June 13th to the 16th.


Moretto is proud to announce it will be attending and hosting visitors at the upcoming FIP 2017 held in Lyon from June 13th to the 16th with a double stand: I22/K21 in collaboration with its distributor Martiplast and S4/T3 in collaboration with Contrex, part of the group since 2015. The exhibition will be the occasion to show all the latest innovations in the area of plastic automation and bubble film extrusion: DGM GRAVIX, innovative dosing system with incomparable precision levels; OTX, original thermal exchanger; DOLPHIN, automatic manifold with only 1 sec. reaction time and Moisture Meter, in-line resin moisture analyzer.


DGM GRAVIX dosing series has been developed by Moretto ensuring incomparable precision levels: it boasts of an absolute precision with a 0.001% variance thanks to the use of digital technology and to the complete immunity against vibrations. The weighing hopper is free from mechanical constraints and from generated disturbance.Through this range of products Moretto offers the smallest 6-components dosing unit on the market as well as the biggest available on the market. The range includes more than 1,000 models fitting productions from 30 to 12,000 kg/h with the possibility to dose up to 12 materials.
The Vibration Immunity System (VIS) weighing algorithm ensures a perfect dosing even with strong vibrations and in case of installations on a blowing machine. The exclusive double-eyelid mechanism guarantees an unequalled reaction speed, 50 times higher than a common dosing unit, nevertheless guaranteeing an absolute precision. Batches up to a minimum of 0.08g can be managed by the Rotopulse system. The wide range of available hoppers and their different finishing make GRAVIX versatile and suitable for the broadest uses: medical, powder treatment, flakes, high-temperature materials, in anti-wear and antistatic version. Hoppers are easy to remove without any additional tool and completely inspectable.
The color interface with object-programming completes the characteristics of this machine and makes it intuitive and easy to use.
The double-effect mixer guarantees a homogeneous blend and the digital technology ensures precision and speed in the weighing cycles. 8 sizes, 6 components on all sizes, 10 hoppers on each size, 1180 models for every demand.
GRAVIX is a patented system.

OTX plays a key role in the drying process. The innovative internal geometry solves the material flow down problems, allowing to manage the drying process in the most efficient way and inspecting the hopper inside. Its particular internal shape guarantees an homogeneous air and thermal flow ensuring an optimal granule treatment with huge reduction of energy consumptions compared to conventional hoppers.
The same hourly throughput measured with kg/h is guaranteed with a 40% less time and energy compared to traditional standard hoppers. The distinguishing Spyro finishing makes OTX shockproof. The patented inside back filter, the exclusive viewer and the enlarged door to make inspection easier concur to make the OTX the best choice for the drying treatment. 
Thanks to its extraordinary performance, OTX is suitable for every application. OTX is available in 28 sizes to answer to any production need.

Dolphin is the exclusive Moretto’s automatic manifold plate for material-machine allocation in plastics centralized feeding systems. The innovative mechanical concept is based on a plunger movement of mechanical arms managed by a pneumatic cylinder, thus ensuring a very efficient easy-to-control automation system with only 1 sec. reaction time.
Thanks to its modularity and expandability, many inlet or outlet arms can be added to the basic structure of the automatic manifold with models from 2 to 36 In – Out. This assures the possibility to expand the Dolphin without expensive investments.
Thanks to seal rings, Dolphin is the only system that assures a hermetic arms’ combination eliminating the risk of material contamination. It is the perfect solution for the medical sector thanks to its stainless steel construction.
Every arm of the Dolphin has its own drive and in case of malfunction it is the only one that needs maintenance. This is a great advantage compared with other manifolds, in which a malfunction of the main engine causes a stop of the entire department. All these features emphasize the high reliability of the Dolphin.
Thanks to its simple construction, the connection section is only 100 mm long assuring a convey without contaminations. Dolphin does not need any maintenance and lubrication and has a life cycle 4 times longer than a common manifold.

Moisture Meter is an instrument designed to measure, in line, the residual moisture content of the plastic granule. Moisture Meter, installed directly on the processing machine, thanks to the patented “Power Peak” technology measures the actual moisture content of the plastic granules assuring a certified production. No calibration is required. It is only necessary to select the polymer to be treated and Moisture Meter provides to control the process with sampling every 2 seconds.
Moisture Meter Plus allows to control the dryer performance by comparing the humidity from the initial part of the process to the end, automatically adjusting the dryer parameters to ensure optimal drying.
This concept creates a closed loop connecting material, dryer, process quality, and plastic processing machine, which represents the condition to move straight ahead towards Industry 4.0.

All the products come equipped with USB, Ethernet and RS485 Modbus communication ports and are compatible with the Moretto MOWIS supervising system.

The Moretto-Contrex stand (S4/T3) will be the occasion to show the latest innovations in the area of plastic automation specifically engineered for extrusion applications including tubes, profiles, sheet, and blown film. The visitors will have the chance to see first-hand the whole products range including loss-in-weight dosing system and extrusion control, automatic cooling ring and blown film control, and integrated control for extrusion process.

Moretto and Contrex team members will be available at the show to meet customers and explain them how the both company’s engineered solutions are allowing customers in more than 60 countries to realize significant energy consumption savings and system optimization for all their resin automation and process requirements.

The challenge goes on…

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