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Consulting and project development

We support our customers from the very first moment a new project is initiated.

Moretto solutions are competitive, advantageous in the medium term, and highly customized, all with the aim to fully satisfy the end user.

Installation Service

We consider installation to be an extension of production, so it has to be carried out with the same meticulous care and attention to detail. For this reason, all installations are carried out by trained, skilled, and reliable Moretto personnel.

This approach completes the supply by enabling our systems to fully express their best performance.

Maintenance Service

Proper functioning of the machines over time depends on the quality of maintenance. For this reason, it is necessary to provide support and assistance to customers and enhance the investment they make in choosing our products.

After-sales Service

This important service must confirm the good choice made by purchasing our products. We put a great deal of effort into improving the reliability of our machines and preventing any incidents, since we know the price of unforeseen events. Whenever a customer experiences a problem, we take immediate action to guarantee the complete efficiency of the system on which their success depends.

Moretto S.p.A.

Via Padovane, 5
35010 Massanzago (PD) - Italy
Tel. +39 049 9396711
Fax +39 049 9396710
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