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Moretto grinding equipment

Complete solutions to fit all requirements


Moretto offers a complete range of engineered and manufactured products dedicated to the specific requirements of the grinding sector.

Moretto provided UNI-MULTI BLADES grinders with the GR, GR Variant and GR ECO series.

The GR grinder series are developed in different versions for different applications: uniblade, multiblade, anti wear, cooled, raised, and soundproof. They are each characterized by a low noise profile and complemented with a range of accessories such as: cyclone, collection drawer, injector for proportional valve and an inclined screw to satisfy every need.

Each unit is fully insulated and provided with a large inspection window above the grinding chamber. A funnel inlet for robot integration is supplied as standard. The reversibility of the hopper allows the machine to be configured according to requirements. The shape has been carefully studied to prevent any regrind overflow. The grinding chamber is the heart of the machine: the design is linear without any roughness and its cutting angle is very high. The inclined blades provide a scissor effect cut, which increases the efficiency with a dust-free regrind material.

A rotor speed regulator distinguishes the VARIANT series. A proper device allows to reduce the rotor speed for grinding soft materials like PE polythene and PP polypropylene blow moulded, especially sprues with a hot core. The adaptable blade rotation speed provides exceptional results also with handling bottles, blowing sprues and soft materials such as medical PVC. The cutting chamber allows to grab bottles and hollow bodies, obtaining a regular regrind material without dust.

The ECO range differs from the GR and VARIANT series due to its integral soundproofing construction. These machines, with a large grinding capacity, are built to withstand heavy-duty applications. They are equipped with three and five blade rotors with scissors-effect. The GR ECO series can be inspected without using tools. The hopper can be opened with electrical control.

The KASTOR series are low-speed machines especially designed for the treatment of vitreous polymers or polymers containing fibreglass or other specialized applications. The low rotation speed ensures a low noise level and the regrind material is consistent and dustfree. The autoreverse mechanism is able to stop the rotor in the event of jamming and to re-start it rotating in the opposite direction to release the jammed material.

In addition a transparent hopper allows for continuous inspection of material. Access to the cutting chamber is simple and quick for a complete cleaning operation.

GR, GR VARIANT, GR ECO, KASTOR, form a part of Moretto’s complete range of material automation solutions sold globally.

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