Compact drying solution

CRX MOBILUX is the Moretto drying system developed for treating plastics material alongside the processing machine. The most complete CRX includes X Dryer, OTX hopper, CRD trolley, heating group and the DUO conveying system with a closed loop dehumidified air.

This compact and mobile solution works with only One Power supply. The 7” touch view interface allows the integrated management of the whole system.

Moisture Meter application makes CRX MOBILUX the ideal solution to satisfy the needs of all productive sectors.

Key Points

  • All-in-one system
  • Integrated control
  • Only one power supply


Single trolleys

In the CRD version both hopper and dryer are mounted on a supporting frame delivering a compact and mobile solution.

Key Points

  • Compact
  • Mobile
  • Single-hopper application


Modular trolleys

This version allows to house many materials on the same modular support. A single dryer treats all the polymers optimizing the space and having the control on a single place.

The distribution of the process air is done through modular pipes with manual adjustment or completely automatic by using the FLOWMATIK system. The coupling of X Dryer and FLOWMATIK allows to get the maximum energy saving.

Key Points

  • Compact
  • Multi-hopper applications
  • Centralized control


Modular frames

TMT is the ideal solution for multi-hopper systems created for the medium-sized production. They are modular structures able to house hoppers from 100 up to 800 dm3. Several combinations are possible and the system can also be expanded at a larger stage. TMT can be produced in VIEWER version, in ANTISTRESS version and FLOWMATIK version with the automatic distribution of the process airflow.

The concept of modularity makes these applications expandable and practical in terms of management and maintenance.

Key Points

  • Modularity
  • Open configuration
  • FLOWMATIK multi-hopper adaptive airflow management version


Modular mezzanines

A modular solution for the creation of mezzanines devised to meet individual requirements. The flexibility of these structures allows you to meet the needs with appropriate solutions.

These solutions optimize the use of space in the processing areas, recovering precious square meters on the ground for use in logistics and management of raw materials.

The modular frame of these solutions allows later extensions. The modular mezzanines can be supplied in the VIEWER control, ANTISTRESS system or FLOWMATIK multi-hopper adaptive airflow management version.

Key Points

  • Space optimization
  • Modularity
  • Easy future extension

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