Jednofazowe podajniki Venturi serii VTM, oparte na zasadzie zwężki Venturiego, dostosowane są do transportu materiałów takich jak koncentraty lub dodatki granulowane.

Wersja DUO, zintegrowana z VP, umożliwia odzyskanie zmielonego materiału do specjalnych zastosowań.

Kluczowe punkty

  • System Venturiego
  • Korpus ze stali nierdzewnej
  • Wersja DUO


Single-phase compact hopper loaders

The single-phase KASKO COMPACT hopper loaders are a compact and functional solution for conveying material to the processing machine.

Extremely silent, they are equipped with the Soft-start system and material inlet with Vortex effect that increases the filter autonomy.

The machine is equipped with the assisted lid opening that makes in more ergonomic, and safer for the operator.

Kluczowe punkty

  • Low noise level ≤76 dB(A)
  • Compact design
  • Automatic cleaning filter


Single-phase hopper loaders

KASKO SKY single-phase hopper loader is a sturdy machine suitable for the most demanding applications.

Kasko’s uniqueness is due to a clean design, stain-less steel construction and the attention to details. Completely made in Italy with first quality materials, it is a product without any compromise.

The low noise ≤76 dB(A), exclusive feature for this range of products, allows to install Kasko in the working place. KASKO F is prearranged for the installation of the ratio valve. It doesn’t need any maintenance thanks to the automatic filter cleaning system.

Kluczowe punkty

  • Low noise level ≤76 dB(A)
  • Soft start
  • Automatic cleaning filter


Single-phase hopper loaders

Brushless hopper loaders are made entirely of stainless steel and do not require maintenance.

This solution is as quiet and reliable as a three-phase vacuum unit. Brushless power supplies F12 and F24 can be used for production up to 600 kg/h (1320 lb/h).

Prearranged for the installation of ratio valve and equipped with filter automatic cleaning.

Kluczowe punkty

  • Low noise level ≤76 dB(A)
  • Brushless vacuum unit
  • Automatic cleaning filter

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