XD 20 Series

X Dryers

Innovative and exclusive flexible dehumidifying system for technical polymers. Innovative because it’s not the dryer that dehumidifies the polymers, but the polymers that give the dryer all the inputs for dehumidification. Exclusive because the system management is not based on the traditional material/temperature relation.

The programming requires only two parameters to be set:

  • Material type
  • Hourly throughput

All the rest is automatic!

ANTISTRESS system protects the polymers from processing over-time and over-temperature at the same time providing considerable energy saving.

Regeneration is compensated so that the process airflow is constant even during the regeneration phase. Performance is maximized by combining X dryers with OTX hoppers.

X Dryer is MOWIS ready.

Key Points

  • Dew Point -103 °F (-75 °C)
  • Variable airflow
  • Antistress system

XD 800 Series

X Dryers

The XD 800 X is equipped, as standard, with an advanced colour touch-view control, which includes a built-in material database that simplifies dryer control for the operator. The intuitive screen navigation allows for a quick and easy overview of critical drying parameters including dew point and temperature.

The XD 800 X dryer represents the state of the art in drying of large quantities of pellets thanks to its multiple distinctive qualities. This includes Moretto X Technology and -110 °F Dew Point, patented drying circuit based on pure zeolite absorbent and long life process cycle (up to 24 hours), an in-house designed turbo compressor and the adaptive airflow. These features combine to provide extraordinary efficiency for high throughput requirements and make the XD 800 X PET dryer version the perfect drying system for PET.

Performances are maximised combining X dryers with OTX drying hoppers.

X Dryers are MOWIS ready.

Key Points

  • Adaptive airflow
  • High efficiency turbo compressors
  • Electric and Gas heating unit available


Modular Dryer

X MAX has a modular design developed for large systems. With the coupling of the modules, X MAX can serve systems up to 706,000 ft3/h. The X Technology increases the performance of X MAX, reducing the energy consumption to a minimum. Each unit includes a turbo compressor made in Moretto, a widespread zeolite bed and a Dew Point Control device. A local PLC with colour touchscreen display provides a simple and intuitive interface.

The X MAX units can be assembled with a minimum of 3 units and a maximum of 10 units. The variable airflow adjusts automatically according to the needs of the process, avoiding thermal stress on the polymer and changes to the viscosity. Each unit is regenerated in rotation; while one unit is in regeneration, the other units are in process simultaneously.

X MAX dryers are MOWIS ready.

X MAX together with OTX drying hoppers, FLOWMATIK airflow management system and Moisture Meter MANAGER create EUREKA PLUS the most efficient automatic drying system in the market.

Key Points

  • Constant performance
  • Maintenance on the fly
  • Extreme modularity

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