Big-bags unloader

Baggy is suitable for the use at the process machine side. It has been developed to allow the big-bag discharge by falling and it has a modular structure that allows treatment of different bag size. When it’s not used, BAGGY is easy to disassemble and is stackable, reducing the space at the minimum quantity required.

Key Points

  • Accumulation tank
  • Detachable, stackable
  • Modularity
No electricity required


Gaylord unloading device

Moretto TLT Tilter is the system suitable for the complete emptying of gaylord and/or octabins by means of a suction device.

The gaylord and/or octabins positioning is extremely simple and is carried out using only a pallet truck, Moretto Tilter is ready to use in just one minute.

The system structure complies with current safety regulations. No operator intervention is required during operation.

Key Points

  • Gaylord complete unloading
  • Easy-to-use
  • No maintenance needed


Thrust loading groups up to 26,455 lb/h

The thrust loading system groups are dedicated to load indoor silos from bags, big-bags and octabins. Equipped with a frequency drive control adapting for specific production requirements ensuring maximum efficiency. Throughput up to 26,455 lb/h with CLS.

Key Points

  • Adaptability of production
  • Rotary valve with variable capacity
  • Three open sides for an easy access


Thrust loading groups up to 88,200 lb/h

CLK groups are dedicated to the filling up of big size silos. Equipped with Roots pump and can load big quantity up to 88,200 lb/h. This series of machines is very flexible according to the employment condition and it disposes of three free sides around the hopper for a better accessibility.

Key Points

  • Airlocks valve with variable capacity
  • Frequency drive control
  • Three open sides-easy accessibility

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