Perfect polymer drying: guaranteed by the combination of 100% Zeolite molecular sieves and OTX’s hopper geometry.

High energy efficiency: its turbocompressors provide powerful full electric support with low energy consumption.

Compact & Easy to install and use: suitable for direct installation on the machine’s throat with quick and immediate programming.

Find out the X COMB Range

Perfect Polymer Drying

Excellent dehumidifying air quality and consistent process is guaranteed by:

  • 100% Zeolite Desiccant Rotor with superior absorbent capacity (versus currently used silica gel) producing dryed quality air up to -52 °C Dew Point.
  • Special Honeycomb Wheel technology together with the digital motor allows a constant Dew Point.
  • OTX hopper technology allows a uniform drying treatment in short time, thanks to its geometry, that eliminates the problem of polymer falling flows.

High Energy Efficiency +45%

Reduced energy consumption is guaranteed by:

  • OTX hopper technology significantly reduces the polymers’ residence times vs. conventional hoppers.
  • OTX thermal insulation with natural rockwool helps to transport away moisture and to maintain optimal resin temperature.
  • Hyper Flow turbocompressor with variable flow (via VFD) provides the correct quantity of air to optimize the energy consumption.

Compact & Easy to install and use

X COMB distinctive Moretto design is very compact compared to the products available on the market.

The programming is immediate: the operator has only to set the material type and the hourly production.
Set it and forget it: never so easy!

More features

Spyro Shockproof
Enlarged door
Master 300
X COMB 14 Front view

Spyro Shockproof

OTX's shockproof Spyro finishing makes the machine sturdy.

Enlarged door

Facilitates the machine’s inspection and cleaning operations.

Master 300

Available as option to remote the X COMB touch screen control.

Lock-up Lid
LED Light
Maxi filter
X COMB 14 Side view

Lock-up Lid

The ingenious mechanism designed by Moretto’s engineers guarantees the maximaximum operator safety during maintenance.

LED Light

The high visibility LED light allows you to immediately view the machine’s operating status.

Maxi filter

The Large Surface filter in the sealed housing assures that all the air is 100% filtered.

Status at a Glance
LCD touch screen
USB Port
X COMB 14 Detail

Status at a Glance

Verify the temperature inside the hopper and get early warnings of the dryer status with the highly visible LED Light Bar.

LCD touch screen

With 4:3 format and high definition quality as standard, it allows a full control of the X COMB.

USB Port

The USB port provides easy data download and an optional pendant control provides an additional color touch screen.

Compact Design
Thermal Insulation

Integrated, Compact Design

HYPER FLOW combined with OTX technology features a minimal footprint.

Thermal insulation

The natural rockwool insulation plays a very important role in OTX layer-on-layer effect, helping to transport away moisture and mantain optimal resin temperature.



ON version

Direct installation ON the processing machine is the ideal application.

  • In-line efficiency
  • Reduced footprint

SIDE version

Installation at the machine’s SIDE is the most flexible application.

  • Mobile cart
  • Flexible usage

MULTI version

Installed on a trolley can handle different materials.

  • Individual control
  • Modular expansion capability

X COMB range

Available in 7 different sizes.

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