A global leadership

Since its foundation in 1980, Moretto S.p.A. has gained a top position among the market leaders in the production of automated systems for the plastics processing industry.

The group has a direct presence in over 70 countries and consists of 8 branches, offering a range of highly customised solutions for an increasingly expanding market. Innovation and attention to customer requirements are the main criteria that drive and motivate a team of more than 450 employees, who are united in supporting and using technologies strongly focused on the future.

  • Founded in 1980
  • Operations in 8 Countries
  • Installations in over 70 Countries
  • More than 450 employees
  • 5,650 products models
  • 169 patents
  • 60,000 products sold annually
  • 807,300 ft² factory and office space
  • 2,691,000 ft² total area
  • over 2,000,000 machines installed worldwide
  • More than 6% turnover invested in R&D


We are fully committed to be the best, objective-focused partner in the research and delivery of innovative solutions.

Specifically, we are committed to create systems, processes and services oriented to be environmentally sustainable and improve plant productivity, which is a key contribution to the overall improvement of the plastics industry.

Our continual innovation and pioneering of new technologies in plastics automation ensures we produce the world’s most advanced solutions year after year. We always seek to exceed customer expectations by enhancing the level of product excellence and state-of-the-art-solutions.

Vision & Value

At the heart of the Moretto vision is the desire to drive technological innovations that combine first class products and improvement of plastics processes. They guarantee the sustainability of solutions and products offered that are far superior to anything that has been achieved before. Our vision is based on four fundamental values, each one closely connected to the other in order to guarantee harmonious interaction. This concept results in a leadership position that is rooted in excellence:

  • Trust and respect everyone
  • Exceed people’s expectations
  • Be ethical, always
  • Communicate with honesty

Our Global Numbers

75000 m2
Production Area

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